Jan 31 2016

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 8.48.43 PM

Ok ok i started watching that Koppenberg Cross video because its such an awesome course, you should too, but wait til you get to 11:57, if you thought 3:10 was proof 11:45-12 is concrete. Femke is rolling up hill with out pedaling looking down at her bike. It’s great-Looks like she couldn’t tell if the motor was working for a second. Damn Bluetooth.


The UCI moto-doping iPad monitor didn’t catch this-he probably got distracted for a second playing Subway Surfer.

“Pardon Femke. I just need to check my facebook and insta. LOL someone is posting pictures of themselves trying to look cool, haha! LIKE Hold on, Hold on, I need to comment.”

For some reason the tablet control makes it funnier.

Its like a Seinfeld episode. Hilarious cheating.

The old man in orange spots something I think.

And since we’re going full conspiracy what about Ryder?

I mean I don’t know obviously, and I can’t see why your motor would be on on the descent, but maybe it turned on when the bike fell…or the bike just pivoted all over the place from a fairly dead stop due to physics and gravity. right?