CMWC 1997 -Barcelona

Jan 28 2016


cmwc97B copy

“Hi there,

this is Haps from Landlords Strava team & Mutants Crew.

The local messenger company found this one the other day – it is in
Catalan – maybe you like it.


So there’s a big story in here where Dan Lord, Lew Blum, Fuzzy, Stago, and I think Speed flew somewhere and rode bikes to Barcelona for the CMWC. That should be a huge landlords story. That’s where the connection to RK and Crank happened to put it in perspective.

Here’s my not so relevant story:

I lived in Barcelona for most of the summer before I moved to Germantown in 2008. We had a pretty fresh apartment. If you live in Manhattan you can get the nicest apartment swaps.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 2.10.40 PM

I have cool memories of going downstairs, getting an espresso for a Euro at the café, getting a Bicing out of the lock up thing, doing tags on both side of the wheel guard and then rolling down La Rambla to the beach-

smoking tight spliffs with IRAK torsions on my feet.

Or the Lacoste fake Stan Smiths.

I made a photo book/zine about it. After we finished Landlords I knocked it out real fast. I self published one copy. It was kind of the end of the Duffed Out blog.

Duffed Out was a NYC blog.

Landlords is Worldwide.

Landlord Gary Knight told me he thought the most dickhead collector thing to do would be to make one copy of a book about something and then keep it for yourself, only tell people about it, and refuse to show anyone when they ask.

So I got there pretty much.

I guess there was one viewing-At the ICY signshop in West Philly during the Love Letter project. I think the only people to see it were Gary Knight, D Lord, Lew Blum, Suroc and On the Go Ari. I’m not sure if Steve looked at it.

SO it was very exclusive.


(I’m thinking Boston Mike might have glanced at it.)