Things I Bought for $50 Department.

Jan 26 2016


Nostalgic Industry Department: In the 90’s-the golden age of bike messengers and track bikes 😉 …

Just kidding Emily Chappel. Just a little banter.

So we’ve discussed Bike Swaps and I told you as of 1999 they completely suck for a variety of reasons.

By 1998 it was clear that the $50 dollar track frame was becoming a thing of the past but I was determined to come up at that price.

I did a couple of laps and nothing appeared. I bought some weird Salsa track bars, for novelty, and a pair of sheep skateboard shoes for $10-I thought I was going home empty handed.

Heading for the gate I spotted a Gitane track frame with a crank set and some weird bars laying on a blanket.

I asked the old man standing in front of it how much and he said $50 dollars.

I picked it up, it weighed 4 million pounds.

I used it for a month.

The bike almost killed me a couple of times when the chainring would unscrew from the spider.

This one is for sale on EBay. Starting bid is 100 complete. Don’t pay more than $250, it will kill you if you ride on the street. That crankset is not made for locking up on!