Matsuri-Truly Debonair Messenger

Jan 26 2016



I won’t front, I just bought this 1980 Matsuri catalog on EBay.

It was an important NY messenger artifact to add to the Permanent Collection.

I also needed the logo reference.

I like how the track bike is called “The Track” and it’s green with a black headtube. I’m not sure who set up that saddle.

We’ve heard of a Pro model that was gold, and Kenji had a white one, but I’ve never seen green.

1980. Track bike messengers holding it down in NYC.

Take a time warp.

Head on over to “A” Bike Shop and buy one, so righteous.

Get to work right away with PMA.

You should probably cop a T-shirt while you’re there. I can’t tell what’s on them but it looks good.

What a nostalgic industry of golden ages.

(D Lord and I have had some preliminary discussions about finding a location. It’s going to happen.)