Uncredited Saddle Sniffing _ Stop Jocking Department.

Jan 25 2016

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Here’s an article where a guy read Landlords and then interviewed some bike messenger authors about it.

Always sniffing our “pre-internet” saddles….

Bunch of pervy culture vultures-Stop reading please. . I mean really. It’s brutal.

Legacy of Brutality.

This blog is invite only and you’re not on the list.


Is there any way I can control all of this recent jocking?


Shit. No.

I can’t even avoid it. If some questionable thing springs up on the web related to Landlords Twills will spot it and tell me.

He’s all somber yet gleeful when he does it. He loves to give me bad news. Its one of his hobbies.

I picture him smiling when he texts me some shit he thinks will explode my brains.

He texted me some shit this week, I knew he wanted me to go crazy about it.

I can just cringe in front of a computer. It’s the only option.

Off topic completely but I might as well see if anyone is paying attenion.

Me Sima and Gary Knight have all been on a wild misfits/danzig kick for the last few months. Sima put me down with the video on Russian youtube of Danzig, Doyle and some other dudes playing Misfits songs unplugged style and Gary Knight has been focusing on Danzig II:Lucifuge.

(excuse the hairy chest. sorry)

Personally i just read the City Gardens book and was into the stuff about Samhain and the first Danzig show. It was cool to read DJ Randy Now calling Danzig North Jersey WSOU metal.

The winter of 1996 Danzig did a signing at this comic book store on South Street. He made a comic book you had to buy to get things signed. I was a pretty big Misfits fan and a hardcore record collector. I had a bullet 7″ that I thought would be cool to get signed but it was a bootleg. I heard he wouldn’t sign bootlegs. (This was a big issue at the time. All the O.G. US hardcore personalities were super against bootlegs. Misfits bootlegs were already going for $100+ in the 90’s. The comedian Jim Norton tells a story about Jello Biafra going crazy on some kid selling DK bootlegs at City Gardens. He smashed the records and threw a fit. You can go as crazy as you want in that direction. Like OJ Simpson crazy. Its up to you. It seems to hit people on the bottom edges of fame more than the top. Movie star/Sports Hero OJ Simpson isn’t stalking and kidnapping some sports memorabilia hustler, but post murder/civil trial OJ definitely is.) I brought a 12″ Caroline copy of Evilive and the first danzig 12″instead. He was cool and into signing that stuff. He signed the under his picture on both records. My roommate James took a picture of Glenn and me.

(Hardcore record collectors are rabid. There’s an evolution between record collecting and bike collecting a lot of people made)


(Later in New York someone else got a real good picture of me with Jerry and Doyle in front of Coney Island High. It was halloween and they were in full make up. I think they played one of their first reunions that night with a fake singer. That picture got stolen. I’m not sure by who but I have my ideas. )

That’s all pretty boring.

Robbie Redcheeks was going around telling everyone he was going to challenge Danzig to a fight, and we were hype to see what happened.

(Straight edge kids in general were really into mischief at the time. It was a counterpoint to the cleancut image. Vandalism, shoplifting, fighting, arson, theft, identity theft, fraud, credit card scams, prank calls, a lot of things you go to jail for now were just fun then, etc etc etc. Robbie was crazy. There was a grainy VHS tape floating around of him climbing off a Ferris Wheel, hopping down from the top from car to car at the Jersey Shore. The cops are waiting for him at the bottom on the boardwalk and he jumps from the last car into the sand and gets away.)

He waits in line, gets up to Danzig and goes “Do you want to fight?” and Danzig goes “Yeah, knife fight.” and everyone laughed.

The End.

I went to high school with they guy who knocked Danzig out too. He was a cool metal head. Danny Marianino. We were friends.

The End.

Oh and one other Danzig story I heard in high school. Danzig rides his motorcycle to some mall in North Jersey around 87-88, during Samhain, before Danzig. He rolls up to the entrance on the sidewalk where all the punks and skaters are hanging. He hops off the bikes and goes “Watch my ride boys” to the kids and struts inside. They wait til he’s gone, push his bike over and split.

I don’t know if that one’s true. That could just be some hardcore lore but it’s a cool story.

(I’m not trying to big up Gentleman Jim Norton from Crucial Youth here, its just all fitting into the story. He just has some good stories. And if he’s the one who drew all the comic book stuff for the Crucial Youth 12″ he’s really multi-talented. The comics in those liner notes were real influential to me. Safety Squirrel. I was a Youth of Today fanatic but I still saw the humor in the parody.



Not so much the Grudge 7″. The Crucial Youth LP is funny and smart with cool artwork. The Grudge 7″ sounds just like that-some less popular sell outs with a grudge. Those Half Off dudes just struck me as jealous. Horrible artwork, no humor, kind of sad they felt so bummed out they had to make a record about it. Even now, in a recent interview, they sound so bitter and sad. Major East Coast Envy. And I like Half Off and Haywire and all that stuff. But lyric wise, waaaaah, not everyone else’s fault you can’t find enough straight edge people to make a band, that’s just not positive. Circle pit! I mean think about it-Some dudes that poorly copy Youth of Today (and B’last) get salty and poorly copy Crucial Youth. Very original thinking guys.


Ok back to Gentleman Jim, there’s this story from then about him counting stage dives at City Gardens during a Killing Time show. City Gardens had a no stage diving rule, because some squares sued them. Him and Randy Now tried to charge them $100 a stage dive. It didn’t work out for them… In the book, Gentleman Jim denies the stagedive counting, wouldn’t you? Anthony from Killing Time testifies he watched him standing on the side of the stage counting. I’m sure Jim thinks he got a Raw Deal out of it. Try to look at the brightside….at least you kept your positive dental outlook. I attended this show. It was later on in the 90’s. Like after the world changed. )

(That will be $100 please.)