Making Fun of Things from 2010

Jan 22 2016

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I was casually browsing the web and somehow came upon this video demonstrating a 325 dollar messenger bag called “the vandal” Ok I was looking at Craigslist and I saw some dude selling one of them in Manhattan. The name seemed so dumb I had to look it up. The store looks boutique style, I don’t know what you call it. Bespoke? The website is like third wave coffee bar website template. .. Anyway

Grocery Run – Vandal Roll-Top Backpack from Mission Workshop on Vimeo.

I have to admit I really got sucked into the whole thing. The front brake on the shitty track bike. The wheelie. The mismatched, ugly, red anodized hub. The guy’s whole kit. Time warp.
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What awesome lifestyle marketing. The vandal. i thought the add was going to be a rip off of the kylie minogue sometime samurai video. But naw, nothing that interesting. This brother goes to the mercado to get 8 million limes and a pineapple to go with his Tecate bro. Gotta have limes for the Tecate buuuuuudy. More Tecate = More Skids! Did you see how he knocked those limes into “The Vandal”? Arm sweep bro. He does some epic tricks on the way-Like a sick wheelie, and he doesn’t lock up- a real 2010 man. That’s for sure. Is this guy into gravel now? Ripping it in the grav bro.

All that stuff is dumb:
Check out this cool music video from 2005. Man nice wool jerseys huh? Who are those guys?

There’s another video for “the Vandal” where a more pro SF dude goes surfing in the morning, and then has breakfast. He has a cyclocross bike or something. I just skimmed that one. He’s riding all over the place with a spare bike on his back or something. You could just put it over your shoulder, but hey why not take the whole thing apart and stick it on your back. I will note this dude buys Red Stripe instead of Tecate because he’s more grown up and likes reggae.

I don’t know what kind of music the first dude listens to. Thats up to you to figure out-Like hipster bar jukebox hits of the 80’s.

You know some shit like “Welcome to the Jungle” comes on at the bar and he goes all crazy and stands on a chair and screams.