Montreal Pot Belge

Jan 18 2016

“in mtl

the typical messenger pot belge was rockstar energy drinks with 7% alcohol content, $5 speed pills taken half at a time, and some people started the trend of drinking pastis because it left you with fresh breath and could be added to water bottles.


buddha paul and crazy brian were in the habit of taking acid and mdma in the summer and they could be seen hanging around pvm with no shoes or shirts. brian was a trust fund kid and would receive $1000 every month and would pick the cash up at the royal bank private banking while just wearing tevas and bibs. the security bounced him but he was soon let back in because his family had some major clout at that bank. from then on he made a point to remove his shirt whenever entering the bank just fuck with that security guard.

i miss working still drunk and not giving a fuck while at work. it’s different when you own your own company and have to be presentable to clients.

anyways that’s my story about pot belge.”



(I found this picture searching for “Pot Belge Party” on the internet. I think it originates from this tumblr page that has some other good pictures on it. )

Being a messenger in Montreal in the winter is some other shit.

The two guys who ran the last service I worked with were from Boston, worked in Montreal and ended up in the Lower East Side. They were legit punks who lived in the squats. One of them was a runaway, the other was old school and was a roadie for GBH. Anyway, they had stories about working in the Montreal winter that seemed so rugged. Respect.

Both of them got deported from Canada. One got in a fight with some sailors involving a knife. The other stole something and the cops tracked his MTB tracks in the snow from the spot to his apartment. They told me after they crossed the border somewhere in Vermont to get back and forth. It seems pretty hard to get deported there, people are cool, and graffiti seems tolerated or at least its so cold no one is going to put the effort into stopping you.

(But the US Border Patrol coming back in on the other hand-Those dudes are dicks and will pull apart your whole car to try to find a gram of some crappy BeesCters. ( beesters? I don’t know how to spell that/ BCsters. Something like that. You know the weed people used to smoke in the North East US before Sour Diesel rose. ) )

One year we took a very fun, drunken graffiti trip to this ski condo in the suburbs of Montreal. That shit is cold bruv. The nights we went into Montreal were frigid. Your nose hairs freeze when you breathe in. (trip attendees included: nemel(he had the hook up), fanta, and sima)

When I was younger I thought working a Chicago winter was a requirement of being a worldly messenger. I never did it. But looking back at this stuff from my comfortable living room now, Montreal seems like a pretty good match.

Smaller, but colder temps and never ending snow. You get to practice your French too and eat that gnarly potato gravy cheese stuff. Kind people.

I’m thinking about Montreal now and it makes me want to go back there, but maybe not in the winter, bruv.

Coming back from that Montreal trip we though we’d be heading into a warmer North East US climate-wrong- snow and below freezing for two weeks.

Vacation in the snow, work in the snow. Brilliant.

(There’s a photo book out there with pictures from the Montreal trip in it. I forget what it was called. I think it was sold at the aNYthing store and Colette in Paris. Real high post shit. I mean at least Colette was high post. The pictures were Fanta’s. The girls that were there were not hype about the publication.)