Arabesque Regal

Jan 16 2016






We haven’t had a $12,000 vintage bike on here in a while.

For me personally- if I’m dropping 12k on a bike its going to be a contemporary Grand Tour bike. Maybe you have an extra 12k sitting around just to floss though.

I think most people that read Landlords aren’t buying 25 year old $12,000 road bikes, but hey you never know.

If you are someone who can afford a 12,000 dollar vintage bike what would you buy first?

I think common consensus would be the 1970’s Italian Masters, but some people go further back.

The 80’s are weird because there was so much cheap junk mixed in with high quallity frames.

I know there is an 80’s/early 90’s gaudy/tacky collector’s market but I’m not sure who populates it, besides me.