Pot Belge: Now and Then

Jan 15 2016

Original Ingredients: Organic, classic.
haha Pro cycling is insane. It seems like they doubled up on everything. Heroin seems good, but better add some morphine on top. Un melange of Speed and caffeine just will not do, add some cocaine. Can you imagine getting in an injection of this and then riding Paris-Roubaix? (There is no pricing info available for the OG mix.)

This is a 2010 version. Big pharma taking over! 150€. I mean I can’t support any of this, but let’s keep big business out of Pot Belge.


“Five different types of “Belgian pot” could thus be identified.

The common characteristic was in a very high concentration of amphetamine (14 to 52 mg / ml). Depending on the sample, it was associated with some or all of the following substances: heroin (12.5 mcg / ml), cocaine (2,3 to 9 g / ml), ethanol, acetylsalicylic acid, carbasalate calcium, phenacetin, ethenzamide, butanamides and caffeine. The authors report the circumstances in which athletes may have to use this means of doping, as well as the risks associated with this practice given the concentrations observed for each of these products.”
Hold on, 2/3 to 9g of cocaine per mL? Get the fuck outta here. 9 grams, that must be wrong. How do you live after this?

If you’re a messenger you probably have your own version set up.

Level 1:
Coffee (you need to be honest to yourself here. caffeine is a stimulant, lightweight speed. It’s not a pot belge ingredient for filler.)
Level 2:
Coffee and Weed (the ultimate, best to stop here. beware all that tread below.)
Level 3:
Drunk from the night before, Coffee, Caffeine supplement, and Weed
Level 4:
Drunk/Drinking at work, Coffee, Caffeine Supplement, and Weed.
Level 5:
Drunk/Drinking at work, Coffee, Dayquil, Cough Syrup, Caffeine Supplement, and Weed
Level 6:
Drunk/Drinking at work, Coffee, Pills, Dayquil, Cough Syrup, Caffeine Supplement, and Weed
Level 7:
Drunk/Drinking at work, Coffee, Coke, Pills, Dayquil, Cough Syrup, Caffeine Supplement, and Weed
Level 8:
Drunk/Drinking at work, Coffee, Coke, Dope, Pills, Crack, Dayquil, Caffeine Supplement, Cough Syrup, and Weed

((This an East Coast version. Somehow we as a geographic region have generally avoided Crystal Meth-I mean outside of the gay/rave scenes. Some east coast club kids surely were smoking crystal out of light bulbs in the 90’s. ))

On the West Coast I’m not sure what level you insert meth at-7? Maybe it matters how you administer it…I’ll get Oakland Andrew or someone to fill us in. I have also left psychedelics off the list. I’m sure its been done but it seems like it would be fairly hard to finish a whole day while tripping. Maybe if you dropped/ate your product in the afternoon you could pull it off but I think eventually you’ll be on the way of the Peaceful Warrior probably not delivering packages into sky coffins, bruv. Do you know anyone who has pulled a whole day off tripping? Let us know!)

Once you hit level 8 you’d probably be considered a junkie, unless you can hide it real well. I mean you are a drug addict if you can handle that. But maybe you got it under control and you can quit anytime that you want…

I mean as a regular messenger. As a weed messenger level 8 is just called Tuesday. haha just kidding weed messengers.

As a bike messenger you’d be considered a junkie for sure and you are probably about to get fired and start pan handling and robbing little kids for bags.

But if you’re a pro bike racer you’d just be a doper if you got caught.

If you don’t get caught maybe you’d be a winner. Or at least a contender.

Le « Pot Belge », un cocktail explosif