Colnago Jersey Alert

Jan 14 2016

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“in the half an hour we chilled he ID’d my bike as bilato built and what era, sonned me on the proper adjustment of modolo corsa brakes, argued with me about the keith haring city cycles drawing (i was right, city cycles was in NYC, not DC like he said), told me about DC messengers carrying horseshoes as well as u locks to throw at people in 91 and about a thousand other things. dude is a fucking bicycle swami.”


Oh hey I don’t know if anyone cares but Uniqlo sold a boy’s size shirt with the City Cycles logo on it last season. You might still be able to come up on it. I bought one for my kid, but if you’re a girl or small dude maybe you could fit in a big one. Maybe they sold an adult size?

Oh hey I know this is old news, but while we’re on the Uniqlo subject here’s a commercial for Japanese tech thermal underwear Uniqlo made with some NY messengers of a few different generations-

Yo contemporary bike messengering is such a different world-I mean the app based side of it. You work for Uber Bike messengers. Wild. You can’t really bitch about the dispatcher being a retard if the dispatcher is an app. I guess you can still complain about the rates and customers, it seems a little lonely though. I mean not bad if that’s your thing. Like the lone wolf type. But it helps to have team mates for morale. Its a hard world to go it alone.