Colnago: Never Boring

Jan 12 2016



I have never seen a boring Colnago. This Master is in Panasonic colors and has a C-Record group with Delta brakes. Maybe you can get the seller to throw in a bag of “Energy Pellets” He has a whole pallet right there. I wonder if that’s rabbit food or if its sports supplements. Big questions on Landlords today.

Do you know that rabbits eat their own shit? So if you have a pet rabbit in your house that little guy is shitting everywhere then eating it. Such a good house pet! Not. No offense to people with pet rabbits. I’m sure its not that bad. Just not for me. I get the appeal. It’s quirky and non-conformist. A rabbit is fuzzy and has ears and hops around, but the shit eating is a real deal breaker.

Could a rabbit even be happy in your crib?

I mean I guess if a cat can be a happy in a house a rabbit could too.

I’m just putting you ahead of the game with the shit eating info. Just in case anyone you know suggests a pet rabbit.

They shit everywhere and then eat their own shit.

Once you’re over that I’m sure they’re the best.