No Sick Days

Jan 08 2016


When you worked for an ultra-exclusive, 10am-10pm in house courier service like me and Gary Knight did there were really no sick days.

You might ask one of your co-workers if they could cover, but probably they’d be unreachable until 5 minutes after their next shift started.

Dayquil is some horrible stuff, legal speed that blasts your heart rate and blood pressure up but it is guaranteed to pull you through the worst working, winter sick days.

To tired to ride your bike anymore?

Sit on the G train going to Lorimer from Bergen and drink dayquil from the bottle everytime you feel like you’re to sick to go on. Add some painkillers you got from Mary Kay and you are on another planet. Walk on frozen, crunchy snow and ice to the custies apartment and pretend you’re on the moon.