LA to Philly 3

Jan 04 2016

“This world is simply a battle for amenities, where we all scramble to get the most of what this huge hotel has to offer. This sort of context leaves some of us with the thirst for the executive suite while others peep the surface of the game and choose the path within it, all the while attempting to inflict as little damage as possible. This drops some of us down to the blue collar, those that hustle day in and day out just to get by and live just ok. For me and some of my friends we have chosen simply to deliver shit on bikes from point A to point B. I say simply, because we’ve just combined what we love with work that can pay us for it. Many attempt to do this same thing. Many fail and many succeed but far too many fail miserably and thus our context.

Hustling on the thing we love to fuel ourselves in order to feed the desire for more amenities.

My scope is subjective and I can only take in these perceptions carefully but I have to observe the dedication it takes all these humans that get up each morning and know they are going to slave away on a bike for hours trying to make more money. The ironic thing is that we all know the variables…like the dispatch, rates, waiting time, weight, rude mailroom, elevator men, pedestrians, the search for a nice bathroom, and let’s not forget the array of homeless encounters but we still get on and deliver….knowing somewhere in our minds we don’t make enough money for this.”