The fixed gear in popular culture

Jan 02 2016


Looking back: 2010, what an awful year for bikes.

Look at this jack ass on the beach with his “fixie”. This guy is probably a serious gravel grinder right now. What is up with that tattoo? Is it a Mexican skull in a bottle with some neon vomit behind it? I don’t think you can skid on that sand homie.

No wonder that fixed gear bubble popped. Happy new year, don’t be wack in 2016.

This just reminded me of a story from 1993. This skateboard kid I knew named Jim A. was on Canal Street walking around and he got swarmed by 4 kids. They pushed him up against a wall and said “What do you write?” (wuh choo rite) in a case of mistaken graffiti writer identity. He responded “Poems and short stories.” and they were like “What?”

Jim drove his car off a road in Pennsylvania a year later. He was going to a college in the Lehigh Valley. He died. There were no skid marks on the road when the cops found the car.

He was a real nice kid, smart and a good skater. We skated a lot together in the early 90’s. We skated locally and ditched school to go to Cheap Skates. (Who would call your parents if you were skating there in the day) Cab was there once…We were all star struck. That was something for us. You skip school and go to the indoor skatepark and Steve Caballero is there and he’s all short and crooked but he’s ripping-go back to school the next day and tell the rest of the skaters.

He went to this Upfront show with us in a gymnasium in New Brunswick in 1990. He got the shirt with the drawing of the guy kneeling with his hood up and the x on his hand. It was so proper.

You never get used to friends dying. You shouldn’t have too. Jim was the first person I really knew that went out way to early. Its strange to think about this 22 years later. You remember pictures more than people’s faces. I can still picture Jim’s face.