Lemmy RIP

Dec 29 2015

“Very basic music – loud, fast, city, raucous, arrogant, paranoid, speed-freak rock n roll. It will be so loud that if we move in next door to you, your lawn will die” – talking about Motorhead’s music, via the BBC.

A spiritual leader for many of the rougher segments of bike messengering dies and the world keeps spinning.

There was this “private” social club off of -nd ave in the East Village where this old man called —— with one leather glove would sell you super stepped on coke. You had to knock on a door with a peep hole and the bouncer would open the slot and ask you who you were there to see. I can’t remember the password. It’s possible we got denied the first time we went. —— had a pompadour held together with pomade, a turtle neck and a black dinner jacket 1960’s style. The powder was packaged in a black construction paper envelope instead of a baggie. It was a club, it was painted all black, there was a pool table, and a bar with 4 or 5 stools. The bottles hadn’t been dusted in years, I think most of them were empty. They had a case of beer behind the bar and maybe you could order a vodka tonic. The bartender was a tough lady, maybe ——‘s daughter. —- sat on the stool furthest to the left and you had to introduce yourself and then ask him for the drugs. It was all very structured in a tradition he created. The mirror behind the bar was covered with polaroids of celebrities that had visited, some autographed press stuff, and B&W photos of the the original members of the social club after World War II.

Lemmy had prime placement with a few pictures. We never saw him there. The hobbit dude was in there once when we were there. I don’t know his name. Joey Hobbit or something. The actor dude with the curly hair and the hobbit ears. You know who I’m talking about. The hobbit dude doing fake coke with some NYU birds. in the year 2001. Good times.