Gravel Adventure Journal Day 238

Dec 29 2015

Dear Diary:
Today I had a totally radical adventure on my gravel adventure bike. It was so exciting and adventurous to ride on gravel. At one point I was on the road and then I switched to gravel. I did this by riding from the street to the path! My friends were like “hell yeah buddy switch up styleeeee.” Adventure occurred at every pedal stroke. I still can not get over the fact gravel is actually just small rocks! I also got a flat tire.

I’m glad everyone has been so supportive of my gravel adventure bike lifestyle. It was totally hard to switch over from fixie skidder to gravel grinder! I thought the fixie crew was going to disown me and then I had to tell my parents they would be paying for me new free lifestyle. God, please make more people like my gravel adventure instagram. Thank you God.

God, do you think that if I get a Sailor Jerry style tattoo of something really cool it will help my instagram?

If I get one hundred likes it means yes!

Also God, what’s up with MTB’s? Like what gives? Why don’t they ride gravel adventure bikes like me? Sometimes I plant my one foot out and the bike totally skids. Chah. I think if they were more spiritually connected they’d get a clue and get gravel-y.

They think they’re so cool on their mountain bikes jumping over big rocks and stuff. But they’re not. They’re just jerks God. Jerks with suspension.

One Love-
Burning White Dove (formerly Kevin)