Monday Morning GS Report

Dec 28 2015

Hopefully you made it through the extended family portion of the holidays ok!

I broke a derailleur cable on Tuesday in the rain and haven’t been back on a bike since. I fixed a flat on the Dandrea last night and I’ll be riding that to end out the year. Will be strange to put a 30+ year old road bike on a smart trainer. Anyway enough about me. Here’s people who did ride bikes this week-


Brian Q of GS NYC takes the number one mileage spot with 220 total miles, a 63 mile ride, and 10,240 feet of climbing.
Fergus L of GS SF follows at 171 total miles, the longest ride at 77 miles, with just under 11,000 feet of climbing.
Bill A of GS Philadelphia gets two spots on the Podium this week, with 156 total miles and a 71 mile ride.
Aaron M of GS SFdecided he did not want any of these dudes to get the most elevation this week, so he stayed high. haha just kidding I don’t know what he did. I mean high in the elevation sense, or something. I’ve been off the clock a couple days not sure where that joke is going. Yo Aaron M whats up dude? Happy holidays.


220 miles
3-GS Philly
156 miles
5-GS PNW (ashland, oregon)
108 miles
6-GS Boston
9-GS Philly
10-GS Philly
58 miles

GS Philadelphia takes the coveted City Award with three spots.
Happy to see Addison bring Boston back into the sport group!
LA returns to the board with two spots.

Generally less riding this week again. Let’s try to finish off the this year and start the new one with mileage. We’re still not experiencing real winter weather here-Just unseasonably high temps and pouring rain.