Public Perception

Dec 22 2015

When you start a messenger job normal people will envy you.

The longer you stay in it, the less normals will understand your life and motivations. Maybe you won’t understand your life and motivations.

As your esteem rises in the Messenger World your standing in normal society will fall. What was previously seen as adventure is now seen as inability to conform.

Congratulations. You made it!

1-3 years = “OMG cool! How adventurous and non-conventional you are! I wish I could do that! Its so romantic and exciting! Bravo!”
3-5 years = “Oh you’re still doing that?”
5-7 years = “I just don’t know who you are anymore. “[Tears]
7-10 years = “Oh hey I haven’t seen you in a few years…how have you been, still a messenger? huh. Well see you around.”
10+ “I used to know that guy. He’s been a bike messenger forever. He’s fucking crazy dude. ”

Secretary Scale:
In New York the secretaries treat you like the shit they scraped off their shoe. In Philly you’re like hot property or something. I don’t know how that works. Lower expectations? ha. I don’t know. Its different. I’m not talking about some art-school student receptionist at the front of the tattoo studio you pick up from, I’m talking about the cold ass sister behind the desk at Ralph Lauren corporate on Park Ave South.

I bet you any money some dude like Corey Story is reading this thinking about how hot he is in New York. Yeah right dude. I’m just kidding Corey if you ever read this. No diss. I’m sure you’re totally hot property.

Now that I’ve written this I’m going to say that I’m sure Little Man has 5 stories to contradict it. He has a tattoo of a samurai riding a MTB on his arm, I think the samurai has a sword chopping through a jungle. Who can’t fuck with that? I’m still sticking to it though. I’ve confirmed this with other Philly–>NY Messengers. It wasn’t just me. I think. Ha!