GS Thursday

Dec 17 2015

I know I know:

The GS reporting has been off since Thanksgiving. Its like the graphic and written content goes up and the physical content goes down. What a delicate balance Landlords Cycling must maintain.

Let’s get back to it now.

It’s early in the week but not that early.

When You start off on Monday it seems you have infinite time to get on your bike, but on a rainy Thursday morning you’ll have to focus on the weekend, or suffer in the rain, or suffer on the trainer.


Tim C holds that 1 spot on Thursday with his messenger miles. He got the number 3 podium position last week. Maybe he’ll do it again.

Adam S leads GS SF they hold spots 2-4.

GS SF has 3 riders in the current top 10.
GS Philly has 4 riders in the current top 10.
GS NYC has 2 riders in the current top 10.
GS Siracusa, Italy has 1 rider

The City Award this week is attainable for anyone.

I didn’t get into this on Monday, but here’s a recap.

The totals were generally lower this week, I think we’re about to hit our winter reset button. 2015 only has a couple of days left. Push your yearly mileage up now or never.

Aaron M held down two spots on the podium number one mileage, and number one in climbing.
Richard D achieved two spots on the podium. Number two distance, and number three climbing.
Brian Q also got two spots. Number 2 longest ride. Number 2 elevation.

Only 3 podium spots left after they took theirs:
Newcomer Dan J did the longest ride-at 83.3mi
Tim C got 3 for distance.
Anodized Alex returns from the grave to get the third longest ride.

I did start my Winter training plan.

I’m going to write about this throughout the month. I don’t know if anyone even does Strava training programs. So you’ll hear about mine. Last night was Over/Under intervals, tonight its Steady State.

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 9.01.25 AM
I had to read this a couple times before I got started. Lots of bike math coming up this month.

I broke my cadence magnet so I’m currently using the TACX computer to keep track of RPM. I think its a little off and seems to have a delay before it picks up changes in revolution speed.

Heart rate is the same on the Garmin and Tacx comps.

I’m going to write emails to TACX, Elite, and Wahoo and see if I can figure out a way to upgrade to a more modern smart trainer. The Bushido I have is only compatible with a PC, not an ipad, and their programs, not Zwift. I’ll let you know how that turns out as well.

I’m not sure mainstream bike industry people know how to deal with us, we’re like a puzzle with missing pieces.