Totaled Atala

Dec 15 2015

“my frame broke today and then i got a rear flat and didnt have a tube so i decided to keep working and road all around the city picking and dropping a few things with it like this and then i road home so i probably road at least 10 miles with a broken frame X flat tire bike and thats where i’m at hahaha. i’ve ridden a bunch of bikes into the ground that were unsafe for a while but today was just stupid. who’s got a complete bike they can sell me when i get back from europe??????
*gun noises in vid inspired by this VVVV

(Score card since blog reboot.= 1 totaled bike.(torelli corsa strada commuter hit by bus) 2 broken Italian Steel frames.(torelli and atala) 2 car accidents. (torelli and thue) 1 broken collar bone.(thue) 1 rider off the street.(thue) The Cycling Gods give and the Cycling Gods take.)