LA to Philly 2

Dec 15 2015

No one likes getting beat up-it’s worse when a car door is involved -tim

” Most of those guys a(re) graffiti heads as well, some were seriously amazing artists. They even had some group shows and the one crew got commissioned to do a huge wall somewhere. I remember them changing the message on an electronic traffics safety sign by hacking into the computer and writing Slow Down for Bike Messengers or something. Also I was corrected via text about the Crazy Manny story, apparently the ambo was not in fact called but a longtime messenger Fernando broke it up after Nick passed out quicklyā€ˇ. I remember sitting at the wall seriously thinking it was a joke and they were fucking with each other but I was incredibly wrong because the next thing I know they were throwing down. The brutality of someone smashing someone’s head into a parked car has a people roll up to get into the same car is something that will stick with me. I remember the entire right side of his face was swollen with swells of purple bruises for days. Sad.”