New Direction

Dec 06 2015


After some trial and error I’ve decided to make a big change.

We are only covering 70’s/80’s bespoke, artisan go-karts.

Somethings will stay the same. Somethings will be different.

Our focus will remain on steel frames.

We’ll get into the craft a little more and meet some big names from the golden era of go karts as well as some new wrenches keeping the tradition alive. Respect all you go kart heads scouring the internet for old Yamaha parts.

I’m considering including dune buggys as well. I’m not sure yet.

Regardless of the dune buggy decision I’m sure you’ll find that Landlords Vintage Bespoke Artisan Go Kart Crew is the crew you want to be down with in 2016.

Wear a helmet! You might flip that thing on a hard curve.

-Pole Position of Go Kart Blogs