Am/EX Experiences

Dec 05 2015


In this installment Ben tells us about his 2010 Am/Ex year continuing our 14 years of American Expediting Experiences.

“i got hired at amex in the spring. i had been working at rapid for a year and some change doing both early and late flyer and it was killing me. you really had to hustle there to make any money and it totally ruined my 18 year old life kind of. i was always super fucking tired and it bummed my then-girlfriend out so much cause we were never hanging out (i spent all my weekends writing graffiti, so we never kicked it then either. shouts to GANE, RADEO, TAPE, POTATOE etc. TSU lives). we ended up breaking up for a time and i ended up sleeping at this gnarly hipster girls house on 55th st until these kids i played in a band with let me move into this little crawlspace underneath their basement steps off ellsworth st. it was so small, it only fit a small mattress and my laptop, but it was super fucking cozy and i liked having no light in there. i would sleep until 5 every weekend.

anyway, the crew at amex were all really good dudes, but super fucking salty. i distinctly remember the late flyer staying up all night coked out of his mind and screaming h20 lyrics into the chirp and it used to wake me up. this happened almost every night. i used to see the same night flyer sleeping on the shitty couches in the office when i would come in to turn in my paperwork at 5.

they were super rough on me because i was a little kid. the other riders had this thing going where they would go:

“hey _____, could you tell ben to shut up?”

“yeah sure hold on, hey ben?”


“shut the fuck up dude.”

if i didn’t respond they would just go “oh good, he decided to shut up for once”. (in their defense i do talk a lot). i just saw two old coworkers at naccc this year and they both told me to shut up independently of one another. i also remember one morning checking in to work from my house and immediately getting told to shut up by magic, only to have dispatch then go “yeah ben, shut up”. really takes the work ethic right out of you.

i served a subpoena at 33rd and lehigh and almost got my fucking face stomped in by the corner hoods.

i totally feel what kenny said, amex drivers are a different breed. i’ve known a lot of drivers and none of them are as gnarly as those dudes. there was this dude paul who always wore transition lenses and looked like a biker except he had a headset on at all times, and he was always talking about some weird nonsense or factoid. he had the wildest voice too. i did a driver assist exactly once and i wanted to kill myself. the dude wouldn’t shut the fuck up about “pussy” and/or “the phils” and i was trapped in a hot van with him for like 6 hours. never called on another one after that. i remember loud steve calling out a driver assist to DC and magic responded with “which driver?” “does it matter?” “yeah. kind of.” i was dying.

so i worked there for a few months but i had applied at time cycle while still working at rapid so that was always in the back of my mind. eventually i got the call. trying to be a good dude, i told devon that i wanted to give amex a week’s notice. i went and told the amex dudes that afternoon when i dropped off my manifest. the next day i checked in and dispatch was like “actually ben you can just turn your stuff in right now”. what the fuck? whatever. time cycle ended up being way sicker anyway.”