Boston Mass

Dec 02 2015





It’s the strangers crew the official messenger culture dweebs of Boston. We say “workin downtown.”

First pic is me 2 years ago just doin what we do. Presentation display stands and foam cores and whatever else for an evil corporate presentation.

Not my problem! What is my problem? Getting that shit out of my life like it was never there! Express service (Marathon courier super rush) and walk over service (Marathon courier double/triple oversize “NEVER actually walk it over -Seth @ Marathon courier).. All wrapped up in one “easy” jobbie that was sure to get me a cup of coffee and a croissant. Hey though that shit was “heavier than it looked”

Ended up crashing the fuck out of that Reminton track with 3rensho lugs and fork crown plus full campagnolo. This dumbass who can’t ride for shit stopped his carbon colnago road bike mad suddenly in front of me. The damage my ride endured speaks highly of Colnago’s current line of carbon roadies. Still not quite sure what happened in that crash to cause an enormous crack in my seattube. It still rides super nice haha. Just broken as fuck. That’s a 40 hole campy track rear. The ultimate wheel for a hopelessly nerdy and fast messenger on these shitty streets.

Rookies these days are so quick w the camera. Thanks to little max for this one

Followed by two very old shots, compliments of MAZE ONE. Mad respect to this man, OG writer and performance oriented messenger, Newbury Street alley sprint champion in his day.

Boston messenger calendar 91 (yes I said calendar, never seen one in person) Summer st bridge.

Winthrop square 89, still the courier hang out to this day.

Rookies were never welcomed at the square. To not be a rookie in Boston: Three consecutive winters with no breaks and also, more importantly, conforming to standards of conduct which contribute to improving and maintaining every other messenger’s reputation and daily life (This is a SASSY JAMES ruling)… To put it simply you gotta be down for representing us positively otherwise we run you out of town!

In what other profession will someone not come back to their job the following day because someone who has nothing to do with their employment tells them “I never want to see your face again.” This is what every accomplished Boston messenger has faced! And all these posers still want to act hard at Cmwc and Naccc. This is why Boston shows up and just has fun. Shoutout to MIKRO JYK. We lived this shit out and have nothing left to prove! Peace”