Other Things To Be Against in 1998: Fixed Gear Messenger Edition

Dec 01 2015


This was highly political stuff then. Really going against the messenger establishment. Purity of form over ugly practicality-try explaining that to anyone outside of the circle.

I’m into a lot of this stuff now.

I mean not barspin clearance. I’m not a cretin.

And I still wouldn’t put any of those compenents on a track bike, I mean, duh.


There’s no way I’m getting on a road bike without a helmet now. Try leaving NWP without going down a steep ass hill. I feel really unprotected without one. I’ve forgotten to put it on and returned to get it. I don’t need my brains bashed out on Midvale.

I never felt that way as a messenger. A helmet felt all clumsy and stiff, strap around your chin and stuff.

If I’m going on a real ride now I put on a kit. Nice chammy and nice jersey helps a lot!

And missions? I’m into them, I mean for my own enjoyment.

The one Time Cycle jersey I liked was the more orange color long sleeve, I don’t know what I did with that. I still have the yellow one, but not my fluoro windbreaker.

And if I rode a bike in the rain I’d probably put a fender or something on it. But I don’t really ride in the rain so fuck it. When I do it’s for fun on gravel and I don’t mind the mud. Keep your fenders.

I like Jeff too. He’s a nice dude. I kind of bug out that he has the fastest time on the strava segment up Leverington onto Umbria. That’s crazy for such an old, old man. And he had real good 1980’s stories about smuggling weed from Amsterdam back to Philly inside his tubing.

Gary Knight got me into weird racks, Wald and baskets on touring bikes and stuff. He’s a real good improviser. His Clementine orange box on the Fuji Touring and cut open milkcrate child seat really opened me up to cargo options.