Masi with Joe Bell Cartoon Sprinting Face Headbadge

Dec 01 2015




I think this is a repaint of a Masi by Joe Bell. I know that I said no repaints like 2 days ago but I think this circumvents that rule.

“The most obvious and distinctive piece of art is the Head Badge; Joe Bell’s fully gassed face expression when sprinting all out. Joe Bell himself only made 5 of these”

It’s hard to tell from the description if the headbadge was on the bike for the last 30 years or just when restored. Or really if it’s actually a repaint.

“This is a one owner bike, authentic Masi painted/restored by the one and only Joe Bell!”

I mean you tell me. I’ve never seen a Masi with a face.

While you’re pondering out here’s a Freschi tandem. I straightened out this ebay picture. It looked like the bike was climbing a hill.

(Hey metalwork types: How do you make a head badge like that? Mold from a clay positive? I mean now I guess you could do a 3d printed positive for the mold. But traditionally?)