Monday Morning GS Quarterback

Nov 30 2015



“Wont be featuring the top spots on GS Strava for the next couple of weeks – broken collarbone, head and bike will live :]”-Thue
Be careful out there everyone!
Looks like Thue has ample time for a winter project.

Thue of Copenhagen grabs the top spot for distance before he breaks himself.

Newcomer Philadelphian Gary W, whose last name maybe harder to spell than mine, grabs three spots: number 2 distance, number 2 longest ride, and number 3 in elevation.

Adam S of SF achieves two Podium placings-number 3 distance, number 1 climbing.

Hops in Madrid grabs the longest ride this week.

Brian Q of NYC works in the city to get his 3rd place climbing spot.


155 mi
1-Copenhagen *
132 mi
98 mi
74 miles

The mileage dropped this week and some new names got on the board. We can blame the US holiday, Thue’s injury, and inclement late fall weather.

Europe has returned to the board holding 2 of 10 spots. Copenhagen 1st, Madrid 6th

Philadelphia gets this week’s City Award with 3 riders in the top 10-ok team.

Kristin from LA remains a consistent placer, and is our only active female rider.

Skokie, Illinois holding number 7 for total mileage. Are these indoor miles or snow miles?

The cutoff this week was 74 miles, slightly above the 70 mile number I was predicting. Mat T got edged out by 4 miles. Play it safe and go for 80mi next week.

I’m off the board two weeks in a row. I stopped last week and have been battling a cold on and off for days. Very bad results for me. I’m going to have to start a winter training plan or I’m going to sit in my basement polishing pista components all winter.