Save this frame!

Nov 28 2015


Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 6.04.52 PM
Holy shit. I haven’t seen a fixie conversion this bad in years. Its murder. In 2007 this would have been a hit for the nerd herd. Ok, so, um. Dayum. I almost feel bad for busting on it. Like some nice grandpa made this thing because his friend told him how the kids love their fixies with the rainbow chains and the golden wheels.

You can salvage the levers for some straight bar conversion. The frame has a Campag carbon/ti BB. The chain can be used for a necklace. Recycle bin for the cranks, pedals bars and brakes. No hope for the wheels but you can use the tires. I bet the seller has all the real stuff in his garage in a box. That stem looks wild. That’s a fake Brooks right? I don’t know. Out of my depth. Thomson seatpost,that’s pricey, put it on your MTB.