Saturday Selekter

Nov 28 2015

Long Haul-Sweetbelly Freakdown

Ben Ske told me Shaun Brown was a courier in DC. I didn’t know that at the time. In high school I was huge fan of Swiz and Dag Nasty, Shaun’s other bands. I had this record and saw SF a couple times at the time of its release. It came out as I was slipping out of the hardcore scene. There had been a fun but brief revival of Youth Crew music that spanned 1994-1997, when that ended there wasn’t much to keep me interested. This record came out at the tail end of that revival- A noisier, rock, post-hardcore sound.

This song’s about being a bike messenger. “Take my chances in a sea of steel.” I never connected this to what was going on at the time. Its cool to look back and see another piece of the puzzle. It’s something I like about the current blog, the dialog between contributors and the new depth of information.

Currently Shaun Brown is a tattoo artist working in DC and Maryland. Here’s his shop page.

Get a cool Long Haul tattoo from him or shit get a G.S. Landlords name jawn.

So Legit.