Former Office Locations: American Expediting

Nov 28 2015


Now its a ramp to a window, iron bars, concrete blocks and cement. The only way to keep out messengers who didn’t get the memo. Nice placement of the soda machine. You don’t see that too often.

In terms of early, messenger company hierarchy American Expediting was a step up from Heaven Sent or maybe a step to the right with slight forward movement. Heaven Sent is where most people started, or Diamond. After 1998 Am/Ex was a better company.

The floor inside was dirty linoleum. The room layout resembled a holding cell in a large jail. There was benches on the walls and two dispatch windows. My memories of this place are in the winter. Dirty slush everywhere. The door opened constantly so it was cold. They printed out the jobs on little pieces of paper. You’d sit on a bench and wait for the dispatcher Robert to call you to a window and give you a piece of paper. He was a cool old man with an oxygen tank. R.I.P. Robert. If you worked at Am/Ex in 1996 you had to let everyone know it wasn’t as bad as Heaven Sent. You’d be like “No its good. We get a lot of jobs and the rate isn’t bad. It’s no like Heaven Sent” haha. Sure. No it was better, maybe. I think when Ellie from R.E.Load got a job there it improved. Yo Dots.

Tim G told me it was better later. And so did Ellie. I’m going to believe them.