Book Request

Nov 28 2015


This blog started out as a promotional tool for the Landlords Book. I moved to Germantown over 2008/9.
(I’ll get into the reasons why later. Not to give away any big secrets-it has a lot to do with bike riding.)

We skated a lot in my first year and I rode a bike for transportation. We made up buttons and stickers that said HHXST (Happy Hollow Skate Team) and hit banks in the cut in North/North West Philly and traveled to go to cement parks. Serge, Lew Blum, and Dan Lord with guest appearances by Isaac R, Micah, Mat T, JT and many others.

We had a band called Abandoned House Music. Serge played drums, Isaac Ramos(Landlords Webmaster) guitar, Danlord bass and me mangling a keyboard. (Apologies to keyboards everywhere.) Zines, tattoos and videos were happening. Gary Knight was running the R lines with his intercontinental squad.

During that time Dan and I built and began planning the Landlords book. It was right before a lot of us had kids and the last time we could get fully into something like that. I told, you get a year or two max then earth’s gravitational pull separates the scene.

We finished at the end of 2009 and needed away to release it. It was priced at $100 dollars and only available online so we made the video to give people an idea what was in it. The blog was essentially a promotional vehicle for the book. The initial idea was to post images from it to build up interest. Whatever it has turned into is a matter of evolution.

There’s 3000 posts on here with no real searchable way to find anything. There’s another book in there. Its a different book. Maybe we’ll get around to making it someday.

ONCE again you can buy the Landlords book. Its $120 post paid now. Email me for info. We can get back to some fun projects like the Book Registry where we list all the owners-Like the Masi Registry. If you want to know Mat T is number one on the registry. See I told you.


(I know I know it’s like 1/4 oz of illegal, nice trees you stoners. So much money. How will you get high if you spend it on a book? I’m kidding of course. All of the humongous proceeds we receive from that price will go right back into Landlords projects)

(You see Isaac did Ed Templeton’s website? Nice. Contact Isaac for your design needs! He’s so pro its ridiculous. He does tattoos too. I got two. He’s in the LA area now, but maybe you could get him to dust off the liner.)

(I’m not saying you have to buy it, but to understand things fully you need it. It’s part of the puzzle. In this incarnation of the blog I’m trying to let you a little further into our world. The book goes much deeper into it without words. Put it all together.)