Nov 22 2015


There’s been a lot of calls from the GS and beyond for leisure and active wear.

I believe there’s some pre/after gear being worked on, but I haven’t heard about it in a while.

Personally I’m into track jackets and wool sweaters.

Richard D brought up long sleeve t-shirts as well.

T-shirts are so tricky and stupid.

Does anyone remember the T-Shirt explosion of 2007? T-shirts got out of hand. The New York Times Magazine had an article about A-Ron that was called something like “Can A T-Shirt be More Incendiary than a Rock Anthem?” I swear. It was a really bizarre time, I mean bizarre in general, but really bizarre in terms of “street wear” or whatever title you want to give that stuff.

I got to make some cool shit at that time for cool people. No one had a problem with 6 color cartoon graphics, the more offensive the better. As a general rule there was unbelievable product flow. A lot of great stuff came out of New York at that time and I got a really nice collection.

By 2008 every person on the planet had their own t-shirt company. Every dumb thing you’ve ever heard was available in t-shirt form. That shit all sucks.

So I didn’t and don’t want a T-shirt company. So many awful t-shirt companies exist in the world, I don’t want to add another, even in 2015.

I am getting the message that some people in the world would like to wear a shirt that says “Landlords” on it.

I mean I’m down.

The blog logo is off limits. That’s sacred and doesn’t get worn. Unless you make it yourself, ST style:


At the same time I want the G.S. and extended crew to be able to rep.

We’ll have to see where all of this takes us.

Full Kit:
We got fairly far down the line with team kits 2 years ago, then when it came time to place orders no one would commit their cash.

I don’t want to get in that position this time, we’ll have to take a harder look in this direction as the temperatures drop.

Maybe something will come up in that time.