The Mystery of the Colnago Italia ’90 World Cup Mountainbike Deepens.

Nov 21 2015







“I bought this on Craigslist a couple months ago from a guy in Oakland. He had purchased it from Italy. I found the completed listing on eBay. He paid quite a bit of money and had not assembled the bike when I went to look at it. This bike launched my interest in weird euro MTB. I recently got a cinelli tamputocco, also equipped with shimano.

Cut outs on the lugs are very exciting.
The fork fades to white. Unfortunately no Italian flag grips.”-Jesse H

And here’s some pictures of ours. Notice the differences.





my notes:

that’s real weird mine is different, no sloping top tube, no fancy cut outs.

Your stem is way more complicated. No hangers for me. My stem said “formula” in the ferrari font on one side but I don’t think it had a signature. its a little beat now. so it could have fallen off.

It has a fluted ofmega seatpost and san marco blue saddle that says colnago all over it.

Same ofmega crank set, (Not the same, mine’s a little more weird aero tech bio-pace. same rims. No black headset. I think its ofmega but could be shimano, I’ll have to look.

What about the hubs? non-branded ofmega is I think what I got.

Shimano SIS is all the shifters say.

Oh also I bought my world cup MTB on Italian ebay for 50 Euros. listed as a ColMago. Shipping cost more than the bike. Lots of oxidization.

I’m also remembering some lady sent me a picture of another one like mine and asked how much it was worth.

She didn’t write back when I said not much and maybe someone would want it in a novelty way.

I think this could be her video. So we know of 3 now. Are there more?
(the video was pulled to add to the intrigue.)

Different pedals, different grips. Not sure what happened to that saddle. Interesting.