GS Saturday

Nov 21 2015


I was going to do this earlier but I didn’t have the time. The board changed a lot since I looked at it last.

Bill just completed another 150mile ride taking him up to the top position at 225 miles.

Fergus L representing SF returns to the race with a total currently just under 188 miles.

An old GS name returns to the board with Aaron M of SF at 147 miles with just 11k feet of climbing.

SF has returned to the board now holding four positions in the top ten.

Tim C holding down 4th place with all messenger miles. Some of them in logged in torrential downpours.

NYC closing off the top 5 powered by Brian Q.

Newcomer Rochester, NY holding down the 8th position.

In other notes Thue is holding 9 in the rain.

I’m staying on the board by not riding. Its hard work. I’ll put in a couple hours tomorrow and see if that keeps me in that top 10.

The next 24 hours could contain some big rides if anyone new is looking to grab that top spot.

We know what Bill A is capable of but that might not be enough to hold off Fergus L or Aaron M.

SF is looking to take the Podium back but the top mileage position is not an easy score. The current number to beat is 225mi, its possible for Fergus or Aaron, but it would take a big ride.

This is a Sunday to pay attention to the board.

Will Bill take it two weeks in a row? OR…

Whatever happens we’re sure to see some good rides.

The podium is probably out of reach but you could still get in the top 10 in one shot.

1-Philadelphia (Texas)
2-San Francisco
3-San Francisco
6-San Francisco
7-San Francisco