Nov 21 2015



(This sticker reminds me of the late 1990’s so much. I would have made fun of this for hours if it came across my path. All that “cars r coffins” stuff was so easy to bust on. I mean its cool-don’t get me wrong. Big fan of black and white stickers. But the thing where you make up a bike slogan, and its kind of a play on words, and then you get a patch and a sticker printed that’s supposed to look like one of those biker “helmet laws suck” stickers and then you stick it all over 1998…

Its like that thing when you go on one of those giant 50,000 people group rides and you go through a tunnel and all these people with novelty helmets and reflective vests whistle and yelp and go “whoooo” and someone yodels? I don’t know, that part of “bike culture” I never vibed with. Call me crazy. haha-Tim )