Signal Discussion

Nov 20 2015


“I saw that post from the other day about the “Select” bike. It looks Iike low end Italian to me as well. There were several reputable companies that produced low end frames for mass market, usually upright city-type bikes. Gios, Frejus, Stella (French in origin, but Italian looking in style), Bianchi, and Olympia all produced bikes like this. That seat lug looks like Frejus or Olympia to me. It may also have been re-painted and decaled at some point in its life. Usually they were set up with cottered steel cranks and shitty low end Campy components (Valentino, etc) and Ballila brakes and what not. Looks like a great set-up now and hopefully provides good service to its owner!

Matt from Via Bikes gives us some info about city bikes after seeing Andrew’s Signal.