Wednesday GS Update

Nov 18 2015


No high numbers to start this week. We have a messenger in the number one spot logging work. You see that, he getting paid for his miles.

North East US is holding down the majority of the board with our low numbers and gloomy weather- Philadelphia holding the highest concentration of riders. Only one European on the board now. LA tacked on at the end with 9 and 10.

70 miles
3-Ann Arbor
5-New York City
43 miles
7-New York City (Jersey City)
8-Philadelphia (Texas)
9-Los Angeles
10-Los Angeles
35 miles

I think this is the first time we are not seeing SF in the midweek top 10 since we started. Hmm. With numbers like this I’m not sure where we’ll be on Sunday. I can’t put a high or low on this week. I don’t think we’ll be seeing anyone put in 250-300miles. Maybe not even 200. 150 max and it won’t be me. Minimum to stay on the board? I’m thinking 70. Unless California takes advantage of their weather and rides Thurs-Sun. It’s possible. Also seems like a good week for an unplaced rider to grab those podium spots. Nobody is climbing or riding far, at this point.

It’s gloomy and chilly here now with rain all day tomorrow.

If you want to stay on the board during the week you might need to do some work tonight.

Before all the weather websites you could stare at the weather channel for hours. I thought I’d recreate that for you.

Watch this one first to get hype on weather.

Then watch this one and pretend your sitting in a studio apartment in Flushing in 1997.

Consider these weather conditions in your imaginary betting. I think Ann Arbor is going to be out unless there’s some rollers in the basement.

Looks like Philly is hitting the freezing mark Saturday or Sunday night:

NYC just a little bit warmer. Three days of Sun.

Copenhagen looks pretty nasty this week:
(I guess that explains why we are not seeing Thue.)

SF is looking perfect autumn:

LA is still Summer:

Siracusa in Sicily is looking so nice:

And finally Ann Arbor, Michigan where they are headed for snow and temperatures 20 degrees below freezing. geez. Time to get on the trainer…:

We’ll check in on the team again Friday night.

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 8.57.31 AM