While we’re on the subject…

Nov 17 2015


Here’s a 1950’s Legnano. Look where the binder bolt is located and check out the drop outs.

Can you imagine if some one repainted this? Those pinstripes and the foil decal and everything else is gone. Why do that?

note: If you want a new looking Pogliaghi buy a Basso version and don’t destroy anymore history.

You’ll save money and you’re not going to ride it anyway.

Why cover up the original work? Preserve an artifact. Don’t repaint and “refurbish” anymore classic steel.

If you buy artwork you want a real Picasso not a former Picasso canvas Joe from down the block sprayed up in his garage because he thought he could sell it for more money.

Think about bikes the same way.

You are holding the work of a master, who do you think you are to stick some shitty EBay thick vinyl decals over your crappy spray paint?

So egotistical and short sighted. Entirely missing the point of what you have. Disrespectful to the cycling Gods, that is for sure. Not Landlords approved.

“But I want it to look shiny”

Buy a new one and keep the tradition alive. Support contemporary framebuilders and painters. If you don’t they won’t exist. It’s that simple.

A couple years ago I listed all the Italian lugged steel frames that were still being produced.

I’m sure there’s more now. Look into it, or I’ll probably do it again.

Either way- find a new “master” or someone on the way there.

Get your custom steel with the fresh paint and modern clear coat you want, its out there, and its stronger, lighter and more durable. (That matters if you actually plan on riding it up or down a hill or something)

Respect history without feeling the need to put your own imprint over it.