GS Morning

Nov 16 2015



Of course the big news here is Bill A representing for Philadelphia logged 312 miles at an average of 21mph to take 2 podium spots. Bill also grabbed the longest ride podium spot.

Thue did a little over half of Bill’s distance to get the number 2 spot, while Christian did 144miles grabbing all 3 bottom podium spots. Nice Christian.

Adam S played video games in the rain this week so he didn’t have as much time, but he did manage to hold down two podium spots anyway.

One more podium mention is Dustin K from Portland who got the second spot for elevation. Pacific Northwest stays on the board.

In terms of top ten, there’s a gradual decline in mileage after Tim C in 6th place. The weather is effecting me and it looks like others.

Mat T did put in some time to give NYC two spots on the board this week.

And look at Fuzzy, putting in 110+ and 4,606ft of climbing to hold the 5th position.

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 8.49.45 AM
Speeds are generally lower as well. For me I’ll blame it on climbing and gravel, but I am taking it slower right now across the board.

I’d like to stay where I am with mileage for the duration of the cold months just so I don’t have to get back in shape again. Its a lot easier to stay fit then to get back into it-who wants to spend March through June getting heart, legs and lungs back? You think this gets easier when you get older? Yeah right.

Final tally-

Hey yo, Look at us-5 spots in the shitty weather. Nice Philadelphia. But we’re nowhere near the Podium, I mean except for Bill A who is in Texas cold lamping.

Its Monday. 5 63 mile rides and you’re at Bill A’s level. Want to stay on the board? Right now it looks like you can get away with 71miles for position 10 but maybe we’ll have a little more urban diversity and mileage on the board this week after only one California representation in the stats.

(Last spring I did two of those CTS Strava programs to get into shape. I think I did “10 minute climb” and “6 minute climb”. They are both brutal, the 6 minute climb program especially- the VO2 max and over/under intervals, uhh. For me it was easier to stay focused on the trainer with a plan set up for me, as opposed to using my own self-control. I might start a plan again, but probably “1hour endurance climbing”, not any of that short climb or sprint stuff, so I’m not throwing up in my basement in December.

Without a smart trainer it would be much harder to do any of the programs inside or close to North East urban areas. The instructions will be like “find a climb that’s ten minutes long at 6% with no traffic lights that you do intervals on without dropping your pace.” Oh yeah tons of those in Philly. lol. Everything is steeper than that in Manayunk or Belmont Hills but you’re mostly at the top in 7 or 8 minutes. So, to do the training programs efficiently riding a trainer set at 6% gradient for 3 10 minute intervals gives you the workout you’re looking for.

And you need a cadence monitor. Kind of hard to guess if you’re spinning 110rpm without one.)