Stuck On Divison

Nov 15 2015







“i came up with this campaign a long time a go when i was living in chicago for a minute taking a break from boston. i was still drug free and had been for 25 years up til then. i ended up breaking edge shortly after that by overdosing on a half batch of potent brownies at a crazy after party for a messenger race i went to after moving bak from chicago. it started to kick in so i thought it would be good to ride my bike. i was straight up looking at myself from above being like how am i riding this bike right now. total auto pilot i guess but anyways the never forget 4/20 thing was stuck in my head for years but i never did anything with it. im such a slacker.then like a few years later i had a friend make a simple design for a sticker and got some printed then i hit up Brian from sf that actualy put me on to landlords and asked him to do a design because i liked his taste in graphic design and overall vibe when it came to creative stuff. he ended up banging out this wiggly tripped out simple design that was a perfect fit i thought. i ended up getting thousands of those stickers made and they got distributed by all kinds of people and it was all pro ganja and freedom and anarchy and they got to a bunch of couriers in a bunch of cities through that network and other people to. i partially dedicated the slogan to all couriers smoking weed during the work day to kill all kinds of physical and mental pain. im a big fan of reggae and had a dj friend that i grew up with make some mixes for this thing. he goes to jamaica once a year to get stuff recorded for his own stuff so i hit him up with some cash and asked him to make me some mixes with dubs and drops recorded by any artists he linked with out there. hes made two mixes so far. all ganja tunes.
Mix 1
Mix 2

a lot of my homies that do bike work in boston have the 420 and acab stickers on their bikes and fenders. it is always funny to me cus downtown is so clean and not fun. i hope it helps balance things a little bit
hope your days going good!”

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(From a political standpoint this blog is anti-painkiller and posi-weed. From a personal standpoint, do you. This is the word from the street. )