Spoken Here

Nov 15 2015


“Landlords is all you need. Fuck all that carbon tri spoke “fixie” wheel having matching bar tape and chain on some shitty ass Pake frame. Fuck using the word, “Fixie” all together. I only like the Banana Bread Cliff bars, I only like Tufo tubulars with Panasonic glue, I only like Sour Diesel rolled up with half of a blue American Spirit cigarette, and I only like to get my cycling news from Landlords.

I’ve even heard that there are videos of tough guy wanna be messengers skidding down hills, they bomb hills, skidding down and then give each other high five hand jobs while sharing a 24oz PBR. These are the kind of dumb asses that say, “Sick” all the time, accessorize their outfits with bandannas and have a bunch of cheesy tattoos of Spider webs and Swallows like they’ve been to prison or some shit. Give me a break dude, you’re from the suburbs.”

-Oakland Andrew drops a bomb on ’em.

Talking about the zone 6er’s dude.