Philly Report

Nov 15 2015


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“Sorry I kinda slacked on miles last week haha, I drove because I pussed out of the rain Tuesday and Wednesday was off for Veterans Day but had non cycling plans so that killed my normal miles. I miss my old road bike, 90s tommaso frame set built up with ambrosio sonar wheels, Chris King and Thomson bits, and SRAM rival/force drivetrain. Also got out in Belmont again with a couple of the guys from U City keswick where I’m at part time and saw a buck out on the plateau and got a shot of my friend John clearing a tricky line. I should be back to my regular amount of commuting miles this week haha.”

(I’m in the same boat dude. It gets easier and easier to not ride the grayer it stays)
(One time I was on the old Lincoln Drive path and there was this big ass deer standing right in the middle of the trail. I was kind of freaked out and thought he was going to charge me or something. He just snorted, took a nasty shit right in the middle of the trail and hopped away. I had to steer around the shit. We got some rugged urban wildlife here. Don’t test the squirrels.)