Netherlands Checking In

Nov 12 2015







“i ride a lot over here obviously. i just ordered a new (steel) de rosa frameset for a winter build project and the shop had just built this neo primato for some guy, it apparently matches exactly the spray and leather on his dumb scooter but i couldn’t find any pics with the scooter. i fucking hate scooters as they are legal on bike lanes here. but i love this bike. personally i would have aimed higher than athena but you do what you can. and it fits with the look. thought you might appreciate it. at some point i’ll send you some pictures of my own bikes, because that’s the kind of guy you’re dealing with here, i’m a sharing fucker. but don’t have the de rosa yet.
ah fuck it i’ll throw in a pic of my new basket city rider, it’s got the name of my brewery cut in the thingy between the double top tubes. weighs half a ton but rides like you’re being towed. everything coma-silent except the chirping of the brooks saddle springs. coaster break AND front drum, and 3 speed hub. and the basket mount is on the frame so you don’t some unstuck so easily when you’re hands-free.
cheers” Cholle

(This is just in-I am officially against brown leather bar tape. It’s like cowboy shit. Or steampunk. I don’t know its something. Its like cosplay for your road bike. No offense to every Brooks Aficionado I have just insulted. It’s not personal. A Brooks saddle, that’s timeless. The bartape, I don’t know. Black would be fine I guess. Do they make black? Maybe you should look into it. I hear they have a website. I tried to copy their logo for some signage a couple years ago, what a pain in the ass those interlocking OO’s are, I mean in Illustrator. You know Simon at Firth and Wilson is a Brooks Repair Tech? They flew him back home and he went to Brooks school. That’s really cool. So here’s a cool plug after I blasted their bartape-If you are in the Philadelphia area and need your saddle repaired go to Firth and Wilson. Simon is officially sanctioned by the proper authorities. Go to Firth and Wilson anyway. I’m going to drop my DeRosa track frame off there next week with a box of components and see if I can get this thing together. No winter projects for me. Maybe I’ll finally finish that Raleigh, I should get some leather bartape. And some corks for the bar ends, lol.)