Greatest Hits:Christmas in Milano 81

Nov 12 2015

There’s close to 3000 posts on this blog. Here’s a great one from BICIAK

click the link and read the story. It’s really worth it.
We entered the obscure storefront tucked away in the side of the Vigorelli Velodrome. A few older men, probably veteran racers and faithful customers, were ranting away in Italian. Curious stares met our questioning glances. It was hard to believe this was Masi’s shop.


Masi Shop + Alberto’s GTI

Masi GTI (I mean this is of most interest to Esher and Skrew)

(Check out my friend’s CB jacket)

(This post contains so much landlords stuff – (freschi, masi, pogliaghi, campagnolo, vigorelli, VW GTI, CB jacket, jeans and trainers, skiing sweater, if there was a guy smoking a joint, reading a zine, and doing a tag it would almost be complete)