Wednesday G.S. Report.

Nov 11 2015


Some interesting movement happening early in the week. Christian R is taking an early lead with 100 miles logged. Bill A logged an impressive ride, check the speed and distance, smashing earlier numbers.

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 5.11.48 PM

Early Stats
98 Miles
2-Philadelphia in Texas
67 miles
4-Ann Arbor
27 miles

Philly’s holding a lot of the board early, this is unheard of.

Last week Adam S was nowhere in sight and took the top position with a 150 mile ride.

It could happen again this week.

OR for all we know this could be the week Thue takes his revenge and establishes his fixed gear dominance.

GSnov11a copy
Don’t forget Fergus L.

Christian R may just keep rolling into number one.

Kristin has been close every time.

Will SF control elevation again?

What an exciting time to be following online cycling clubs.

If you had pretend online betting money where would you put it?

What if Ann Arbor, Michigan pulls an upset or someone from NYC adds a Bear Mountain run tomorrow?

What if you say fuck it and do a double century?

Anything could happen, its only Wednesday.

You could still hit the 200mile mark with 4 50 mile rides.

(I got money that says I won’t be near that podium this week.)