Message to the Youth

Nov 11 2015


I don’t want to glorify drugs here, but they are part of the story. Being paid to ride can be misery. I can’t speak about pro racers, I’m sure they have their own hell to deal with, but I do know from experience about the weight of being a long term messenger.

Its not all exciting. Its not all sprinting, skids and car chases. A lot of it is boring and tedious. Riding to your job 5mph just to kill the time. A lot of it is miserable. It takes a special resolve to walk out into a day long, rain storm at 8:45 am, or deal with below freezing temperatures weeks straight, or to work sick on a broken bike, or watch your friends retire and be the only one left as you get further and further away from mainstream society, or to be hurt and need to work to live.

There’s a lot of ways to beat it, for a while your outside life can be enough to make up for it. Some people get posi and get into the scene and wrap themselves in that, others get blinding drunk every day, and others numb it with anything they can get their hands on.

Doom BC told me if you get into dope you’re going to end up sleeping on the D train. I lost a lot of friends because of it, some are dead, some are gone. It would be hypocritical of me to tell you what to do, but if you’re young and want to have a future, don’t get involved with heroin. It might seem bad ass and romantic on the intro, but you’re done at the end.

I mean unless you think panhandling, jail, tricking, getting stomped out, stealing from your friends, or dying is cool. Because then you should totally get involved.

(Also this is why so much hate for poser fake ass bike messengers. You just don’t get it. Shit is real toys.)