Ben Ske Update

Nov 11 2015

Our resident contemporary Philly to New York Messenger relates some info about getting back on the street after getting hit and Wicked Frame.

“its an exact replica of the last time i was on the road, 58 degrees and raining. ill try to send some crucial street documentation if i can remember, we’re pretty busy right now (im clocking wait time at hearst so i have a quick break).

dino from gg allin is dead.

thats funny you mentioned wicked frame, i met that dude hanging around bonanazas house when i was like 16. he had just gotten out of prison and he scared the fuck out of me. he used to confuse me and tape all the time (me and tape look like brothers) and was always asking me about the copy of resident evil that tape promised him. red hook is where its at, i live down there right now and tofu from the chinese spot is 5 bux.”
(Dino R.I.P.)