“possibly the dumbest bike related thing i’ve seen…”

Nov 09 2015

“…at least this week?”Bass Vessel

When I wasn’t on Landlords I had a lot more time to see other dumb shit on the internet besides bikes. I started seeing this word and I didn’t know what it was…”cosplay”.

I did some research, it turns out “cosplay” is this thing adults do: they dress up as a character from a cartoon or movie or they just pretend they’re a furry animal and then they go to an Airport Hilton and hang out with other nerds who are also dressed up. Some people get really into it. I can’t figure that shit out, no offense to any cosplayers on here. Its totally cool, I mean dressing up and pretending to be an evil knight or something, do you boss.

So I guess this video is like “cosplay” for dudes who like corny bikes and corny heavy metal. If that’s your thing, I’m not hating. I mean I’m laughing at you, but I’m not hating on you. Its totally rad. Like radically awesome dude. Don’t human sacrifice me or whatever you dudes are into. I am very fearful of witchcraft and corpse paint. It is seriously scary and not silly at all. Satan is scary, sign your heart, etc. Very evil stuff. Seriously, don’t make my brains into soup or whatever you do for fun. I heard about that shit, its no secret you know. Metal heads eating other metal heads brains and putting it on record covers. Don’t involve me ok, I’m just not into all that stuff. Seems kind of negative.

Actually, thank you. Our readers thank you.