Saturday Chat

Nov 07 2015


So I got my first whiff of negativity since we started this and I was about to air the owner of the negativity out. On the old blog this would have been par for the course, right?

I started to reach into the files to get him and I stopped myself. While it would be satisfying for a couple seconds it really wouldn’t be making anything better. (Believe me, it was tempting)

Instead I thought I’d write a little more- so the guy has something else to read and complain about in emails…

In every underground scene that has generations, oral history, and traditions there is a social hierarchy based on experience and attitude. Julian from Boston touched on this yesterday.

You revere the generation above you, make your name in your time, and despise the generation immediately below you. Your elders are your groundbreakers, the ones that paved the way for you. Your generation is your friends and enemies, your own story and battles. The generation below you you see as weak, contrived copies of people you know-they are softer, faker, cornier, etc.

As you get older you see dents or giant, gaping holes in the older generations’ armor and start to find things to like about the younger generation. A lot of your generation dies, moves or just fades away. Time moves on, hopefully you survive. Timeless story. If you did it right it’s full of blood and glory. If you did it wrong its full of vicarious thrills and bloated self-worth.

And then there’s another new generation and that’s part of what Landlords is about now.

I like hearing about what the new blood has to say. Its easier to like what they’re doing especially when they’re doing it right.

And a lot of them are doing it right. I think its most important now to connect history with the contemporary world.

I can’t make this blog be what it was for everyone, so terribly sorry about that friend. It’s your job to make it what you want it to be now.

If you don’t like what you’re hearing and seeing here add to it, adjust yourself, or GTFO because this isn’t the right place for you anymore. Find some instagram about whatever corny fad you’re into now-We won’t miss your repeated clicks.

( feel free to contact me, directly, like an adult, junior: )