SF on Lock

Nov 06 2015

Benotto Track Bike

Blue Concorde with Beat Saddle

Burning Man Bike at Safeway - Lights and Fur

Marin-Cannondale Parts-Bin Bike with Ape Hangers

Merrick Broakland DeRosa Track Bikes

Primary Color Pinarello

Pristine Pearl-Purple Massi (1)

Team USA Raleigh
1) The Benotto track bike was in very nice, possibly original condition. Benotto embroidered saddle and Benotto pantographed stem.

2) The blue Concorde is beat and has some skateboarding stickers. I see it locked up daily in my neighborhood. I think it belongs to a school teacher.

3) The furry light-covered bike is probably some burning man bike. The guy I saw riding it later was clothed as such.

4) The Marin-Cannondale is an awesome parts bin bike. Might have cost the owner nothing. Hardtail 26er frame, carbon road fork, no front brake, ape hangers. Pretty sweet for a lockup bike I guess.

5) Three nice track bikes … Merrick, Broakland (local), De Rosa. The Merrick belongs to a courier that was visiting from Florida.

6) The primary-color Pinarello is a cool one that belongs to a barista in my neighborhood. She said her previous bike got stolen, then an old man in the neighborhood sold the Pinarello to her and she likes it better anyway. Its pretty common for folks in this city to put risers and baskets on their road bikes.

7) The Massi belongs to Lucy who is a nice person. Her partner, Rob, is a good guy, strong cyclist, and has nice taste in bikes. He finds NOS treasures in deep corners of the internet. He has a Moser that is totally beat. I should get photos…

8) Finally, a Team USA Raleigh. Risers, floral seat cover, and a Wald basket strapped to a rear rack.

“The side panel on this Continental matches my bar tape. Throw a roof rack on there and that’d make a sick team car.”